It is a known fact that if your website is not found in the first page of search results your website is invisible on the internet and you will have no or very little traffic. This is where an internet marketing consultant can help.

This is how the average search positions break down for most searches online and are approximations based on available data and can vary by type of search and how targeted the search results are returned.

1 = 50%,
2 = 14%
3 = 10%
4 = 7%
5 = 6%
6 = 5%
7-10 = 3-4%

As you can see it really pays to be in the number one spot and staying on the first page can be a struggle along with keeping and getting more website traffic.

A pretty or nice looking site with all the latest technology does not guarantee that you will get customers to your site and remain in on the first page. If you fall into this category you may need the services of a local search expert or internet marketing consultant.

No one can guarantee that your site will get to the first page of Google and stay there. The goal is to get more visibility to your website on the internet so your site will stay on the first page then try to rank for spot one. With a marketing plan that that involves various techniques tailored to your site and working as a team we can make sure that your site gets that extra visibility it needs.

With visibility you could have more free leads from the search engines. With a lead capturing system in place and using email marketing you could possibly increase your online sales 30% or more!

Internet Marketing Consultant

Can help you with:

  • site analysis
  • internet or online visibility
  • search engine optimization
  • email marketing
  • local search marketing
  • link building
  • social media marketing
  • capturing leads

We focus on your internet marketing while you focus on your business.